Home Tests for Sickle Cell Anemia – How to Determine If You Have Sickle Cell Disease

Sickle cell anemia is a type of inherited disease in std test at home which the body has a deficiency in the red and white blood cells, known as hemoglobin. It can result from a genetic mutation in the genes that cause the disorder or it can be caused by excessive stress on the body caused by other ailments such as cancer or infection. In either case, if you have this illness, it will not develop into any serious illness but can cause some discomfort or pain. The tests for sickle cell anemia are done in order to detect any potential problems with your health before they become serious enough to affect your daily activities and affect your quality of life.

One of the easiest tests to perform to determine the presence of sickle cell is to draw a blood sample. If you are aware of symptoms already, then you should avoid any strenuous activity for 48 hours prior to the test. During this time, the sickle cells in your blood will begin to grow. The blood sample will then be sent to the lab for analysis.

A home test kit for the analysis of your blood will give you results within a few days depending on whether the cells are growing. It may take several months for complete analysis to determine whether there is a problem with your health or if there are other, less serious conditions causing the same symptoms. It will also determine if treatment is necessary.

You will be able to perform one of the home tests for sickle cell anemia fairly easily. A sample of your blood can be drawn at home with a special syringe. Alternatively, a disposable strip of paper tape can be used as a needle and you can puncture a small hole in the top of it. The blood will spill out onto the strip and you will be able to collect the sample.

In most cases, this strip is collected and sent to the lab for analysis using a variety of methods. For those who have not had much exposure to sickle cell disease, an enzyme-based test called immunoglobulin will be sufficient. Others require DNA testing. Alternatively, you can have blood drawn at another doctor’s office and have the samples analyzed there.

A physician can determine if you are suffering from sickle cell anemia based on how thick your blood is and how hemoglobin is organized. Your symptoms will help him or her determine if you are indeed sickle cell-intolerant or if you are actually predisposed to it. If you are sickle cell anemic, then there are medications that your physician can prescribe for you. However, you can learn to avoid sickle cell by eating foods rich in vitamin D and calcium.

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