Lifespan of a Turtle

Turtles are among one of the most popular pets today. If you are planning to have a turtle as a pet, it is necessary to find out certain information regarding its lifespan. You must also know about the care and feeding of a turtle. There are many factors that contribute to a turtle’s lifespan like the habitat, diet, water temperature and activity level etc. Here are some facts regarding lifespan of a turtle: You can get more information about what is the best pet turtle 

  • Turtle lifespan: General statistics and research prove that adult tortoises can live up to 80 years in the wild; however, based on recent researches, some tortoises have lived up to 40 years in captivity. However, some experts believe that some species may live longer than 40 years in captivity. In fact, increasing awareness and efforts put forth by the animal activists over the years, has seen an increase in the lifespan of a pet turtle. The biggest contributing factor towards the good life span of tortoises is their habitat, food and water temperature. A captive tortoise can live up to forty years, if he has been properly provided with all the basic necessities such as food, water, shelter, exercise and safety.
  • Why do some species live up to a century in captivity? A pet turtle with a long lifespan can be attributed to the perfect breeding program implemented by the breeder or the expert owner. For instance, the Arthroplax species, native to Central and Western Europe and Asia, can be said to be a good example where longevity was achieved after breeding for at least four years. This species can easily live for more than a decade, if provided with a perfect environment. Some other breeds of turtles that can easily live for decades in captivity are the Agapanthus, Anura or the Wrynecked tortoise.
  • How long does a turtle grow? Every species of turtle grows differently. Most of us often end up buying a pet turtle because we want to keep it in our back garden for many years and end up keeping it around for decades and even centuries. However, there are some species of turtles that can grow to around one meter in length. You should be careful not to get fooled by a turtle who claims to have lived for decades when in fact they were only a couple of years old.
  • What is the diet of a turtle? All turtles eat meat. However, they also have diets based on the species of turtle, e.g. land turtles feed on vegetation, whereas aquatic species such as the terrestrial turtles feed on fruits and nectar. Furthermore, some species of turtles are omnivorous while others are considered to be plant-eating animals. It is best to research the diet and lifestyle of a particular turtle so as to determine its lifespan.
  • Do Tortoises and Dragons have long life spans? – The lifespan of reptiles and amphibians are sometimes difficult to estimate owing to very little information about their habits and physiology. For this reason, vets usually rely on indirect methods of estimation such as estimating the number of years since a reptile or amphibian was captive. On the other hand, estimates based on the lifespan of a pet may vary because of factors such as whether or not a captive turtle has been cared for under good environment and if it has been subjected to stress.

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